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We collect, use, and disclose personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy, which you may read here.

It is Surveyone Party Wall Survey’s goal to ensure that your privacy is safeguarded, and this Privacy Policy governs our use of your personal information.


New technology, business methods, and our clients’ demands will all be taken into consideration while updating this policy.

This Privacy Policy may change over time as we add new goods and services. This Privacy Policy is subject to alteration, modification, addition, or removal at any time by us. In the event of any modifications to this Privacy Policy, we will post them here as soon as possible. We will tell you here, by email, or by posting a notice on our Site’s home page if we make any significant changes to this Privacy Policy.


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  • How do we gather your information?
  • How will we make use of the information you provide us with?
  • Where do we save your information?
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  • What are your rights under data privacy legislation?
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The following information is gathered through the Surveyone Party Wall Survey:

  • A person’s name, address, and other personal information (Name, email address, phone number, etc.)
  • Expertise-based data (such as job title, department and name of organisation)
  • What you put out there is up to you (such as job and education history, comments, responses to questions)
  • A Power of Attorney or Guardianship Order will be required if you are not the legal owner of the property, and we will ask for this information from you if you are.
  • In the case of a corporation, trust, or charitable organisation we may need to gather personal information for the beneficiaries and individuals in a position of power. Identity and address documents will be included, but not limited to. Besides our consumers, we may also need to gather information on others who have an interest in the property but aren’t considered customers of ours.
  • Our legitimate interests may necessitate the sharing of these papers with other parties such as attorneys and architects.

Almost all the data we gather comes directly from you, the user.. Data is collected and processed in the following situations:

  • If you have any questions, please contact us by phone or email.
  • Fill out a postal inquiry on your own time.
  • Use or access our website through your browser’s cookies

Your personal information might be obtained via the following sources inadvertently:

  • Third-party data from other companies with whom we have a partnership.

Your personal information can only be used in accordance with data protection laws if we have a legitimate interest in doing so. Your personal information is used for the following purposes:

  • In the event that we are unable to fulfil our obligations under the contract we signed with you.
  • With you as our client or designated owner, we’ll create and manage the files you’ve assigned to us.
  • Assessing your interest in working at Surveyone Party Wall Survey and contacting you about prospective job opportunities.
  • Operating, assessing, and enhancing our company’s operations (including developing new services; managing our communications; determining the effectiveness of and optimising our advertising; analysing services, websites, mobile applications and any other digital assets; facilitating the functionality of our websites, and mobile applications and any other digital assets).
  • Enforcement of our terms of service or other legal rights.
  • All applicable rules and regulations, or as asked by any governmental entity that claims control over Surveyone Party wall Survey, should be complied with.

If you agree, Surveyone Party Wall Survey will share your personal information with our business partners so that they can offer you their products and services.

  • The firm is Carter Fielding Chartered Surveyors.
  • Estate Agents:  Survey One

A secure server is used to store and preserve your personal information, and we employ methods to prevent unauthorised access, deletion, use, alteration or disclosure of your personal information.

Due to the open nature of the Internet, we cannot guarantee that any of your personal information stored on our servers, or transmitted to or from a user, will be free from unauthorised access, and we disclaim any liability for any theft or loss of, unauthorised access or damage to, or omission of, any of your personal information. By using the Site, you agree to take these risks and accept responsibility for them.

Depending on the service you ordered from us, we will keep your personal information for a specific length of time. Depending on our statutory or regulatory duties, we may need to store your personal information for a longer amount of time than the period of time during which we are providing you with our services.

To ensure that you are aware of all of your data protection rights, Surveyone Party Wall Survey has provided this information.
The following are the rights of every user:

  • Surveyone Party wall Survey may provide you with a copy of your personal data if you request it. This service may be subject to a minor cost.
  • Second, you have the right to request that Surveyone Party wall survey rectify any information you feel is incorrect. You also have the option of requesting that Our Company complete any information that you think is missing.
  • Surveyone Party wall Survey gives you the option of requesting that your personal data be deleted under specific circumstances.
  • Under some circumstances, you may request that Surveyone Party wall Survey limit the processing of your personal data.
  • Your personal data may be accessed only by Surveyone Party wall survey if you have given your permission to do so.
  • Surveyone Party wall Survey has the capacity to send your data to another organisation or directly to you, under specific situations, if requested. is one of the websites linked to on our site. Please read the privacy policies of any other websites you visit when you click on a link from our site.

Our company’s privacy policy is reviewed on a regular basis, and any revisions are posted here. On October 8th, 2009, this privacy policy was last updated.

Contact us if you have any concerns regarding our company’s privacy policy, the personal information we have on you, or if you want to exercise one of your data protection rights.

Please contact us at: [email protected].

Get in touch with us at 078 0998 5920

At 80 Northgate Street in Manhattan, we may be reached at: Surveyone Party Wall Bradford LS22 4SD

Please contact the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) if you have a complaint about Surveyone Party Wall Survey or if you believe they have not dealt with your issue adequately.